Please use the templates listed here to create your artwork.
If you order using other templates, there is a possibility of printing discrepancies.

All templates are created in Adobe Photoshop format (PSD).
Please place artwork on the layer name "ARTWORK HERE".
Be careful not to change the layer that is locked.
The artwork must be on a single layer.

Please refer to the following article for more information on artwork submission.

The color space of the template is RGB. Please do not change the color space to CMYK.
The printed result may be different from what you expect.

AkeconHORIQanbaHitboxMadCatzRazerUniversal Arcade StickNacon



ZERO ONE Standard Templates

ZERO ONE NOIR template

ZERO ONE All Button Rev1 template

ZERO ONE All Button Rev2 template

ZERO ONE Standard Extended template

ZERO ONE Korean NOIR templates

ZERO ONE Bottom Panel templates


ZERO TWO Standard template

ZERO TWO NOIR templates

ZERO TWO All Button Rev1 template

ZERO TWO All Button Rev2 template

ZERO TWO Korean NOIR templates

ZERO TWO Standard Extended templates

ZERO TWO Bottom panel templates


RAP V template

RAP N template(except DOA5 model)

Fighting Edge Blade Template(PS4 compatible version)

Fighting Stick alpha template

RAP V3-SA, VX-SA, 4 Template


Obsidian templates

Obsidian Perl Templates

Obsidian HitBox


HITBOX (PS3/PS4/PC model)


MadCatzTE2+ TE2 2nd generation Template

MadCatz TE3 Templates


Razer Panthera Templates

Razer Panthera Evo templates

Universal Arcade Stick

Universal Arcade Stick Templates


Nacon Daija Arcade Stick PS5/XSX Templates