To print neatly

A small tip for printing the artwork you have created cleanly is described below.

About the resolution of artwork

For color printing, 300-350 dpi.
For grayscale printing, 600 dpi.
For monochrome two tone, 1200 dpi is recommended.

This is based on the standard of twice the number of lines (175 mesh dots per inch) of a typical printing line.
The templates available in our store are 300 dpi.
Please change it according to the content to be printed.

Points to note
Increasing the resolution beyond what is necessary is meaningless and may cause the data size to bloat, or may cause the data to be printed at a higher resolution than necessary.
It may cause data size bloat and other problems.

The original image is too small

Basically, there is no degradation when reducing the size of a large image.
However, if a small image is enlarged, noise and moiré will occur, resulting in degradation.
In such a case, you can use "waifu2x" or similar software to enlarge the image beautifully.
For detailed usage and actual samples, please refer to official website for more details and actual samples.
Running locally on Windows waifu2x-caffe which runs locally on Windows.