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I'd like tovwrite an article about how to wire the Brook Fighting Board Cable for the Brook Fighting Board series.
The product is here, Brook Fighting Board Cable ¥1,680


About wiring location


Yellow frameis the one with 20Pin, big black connector and many cables.
The green frame is 4Pin, which has a small white connector and less cables.
The small red frame is the part where the cable does not need to be inserted.

It is hard to understand even if you see only the board, so here is the wiring.

There is no cable from the Small red frameDo you understand that there is no cable coming out from the part of the board?
If you stick it in the opposite direction, it won't work correctly, so be careful not to mistake the direction of the 20pin cable.
This completes the connection of the Brook Fighting Board Cable to the Brook Fighting Board series.
Next, let's wire the buttons and levers.

About the wiring of buttons and levers

The main 20-pin cable is categorized and tie-wrapped into five major categories.

  1. 5Pin for the movement system around the levers
  2. Home, Share and Option buttons
  3. Punch system
  4. Kick system
  5. GND bead cable for punch and kick

We'll start with the first one here.
Since the Street Fighter series has the most buttons for punching and kicking, I'm going to focus on those buttons.

5-pin wiring for levers and movement systems

All you need to do is plug in the 5-pin cable to the lever.

The detailed explanation is as follows.

  1. Black is GND
  2. Green is right
  3. Yellow is left
  4. Orange is up
  5. Red is bottom
Basically, the 5-pin wiring of the lever is as shown above.

About the wiring of the home and option buttons, etc.

  1. Black is GND, wired to all buttons.
  2. White: Option button in PS.
  3. Red: Share button in PS
  4. Gray, Home button on PS

This time, I wired PS on the left, Share in the middle, and Option on the right.

About the wiring around the punch

  1. Blue is weak punch
  2. Red is medium punch
  3. Gray is strong punch
  4. Purple is 3 punches at once

The strong P is gray, but from the back, you can't tell the difference between it and the black one...

About the wiring of the kick system

  1. Orange is weak kick
  2. Yellow is middle kick
  3. Green is strong kick
  4. Black is 3 kicks at once

Buttons are selected from my personal belongings. I don't have the orange button for weak kick, so I used pink instead.

About the wiring of the GND bead connection cable for punches and kicks

  1. Wiring for each punch and kick

It's okay if you can wire to 8 buttons.

About the wiring of the touch pad button, L3 and R3

  1. Green is touch pad
  2. Pink is L3
  3. Blue is R3
  4. Black is GND bead cable.

The right touch pad, the middle L3, and the left R3 are wired in a special way, but you can choose where you want them.

About the wiring of Brook Audio Fighting Board

Attach the included cables to the Brook Audio Fighting Board and breakout board as shown in the picture.

As a sample, the shape of all wiring to ZERO-Pi will be like this.

How did you like it?
Brook Fighting Board Cable is recommended for the first time to make your own Akecon.

The case I used this time is the following product:


This case is a little bit bigger than the others, but it has more space and you can put the push button on the top panel.
Please try it once.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good Akecon life!