In this issue, we would like to describe how to install the JL-C-ALL custom parts set for JLF levers.


Custom Parts Set for JLF Lever JL-C-ALL Set Contents

It is packed in this way, and we will first explain each part.

Five main guides

  1. clear: Similar square guide as normal products
    It is easier to remove from normal products, making it easy to custom for four-way lever.
  2. purple: Round Guide
    It is a circle guide reminiscent of the old lever style in times when the square guide was not yet out.
  3. yellow: Octagonal guide GT-Y Same as octagonal guide
    The octagonal guide is clearer in eight directions.
  4. Red: Special guides with eight places in the square guide
    It is a guide of the sense of input close to the NOBI-STD lever in the Samitsu Industry.
    The diagonal input can be entered as close to the normal square guide while the input in the eight direction is clear as in the depressions and an octagon guide.
  5. Blue: A guide with a gentle and innocent in two places
    Use if you want to enter the lateral or vertical direction.
    If it is the horizontal direction, it is a false explosion prevention of the jump game jump.

P. S. PipeActuator

  1. black: Normal products
    About 15.8 mm of switching part, approximately 10.7 mm of guidance
  2. White: JLF-TPRG-8BYT-SK Like with quiet lever
    About 16.2 mm of switched switch part, approximately 10.8 mm of guidance, slightly thick
  3. Blue: Somewhat thick actuator
    About 16.45 mm of switch press part, approximately 11.4 mm of guidance, slight thickness
    The sense of input changes from here in an easy-to-understand manner.
  4. RedThick actuator
    About 16.7 mm of switching part, approximately 12.0 mm of guidance, slight thickness
    The part of the guide is the same as 12 mm in Otto Series, but the switching part is further wider, and it is difficult to remove more obliquely.


Spring spring

Standard silver springs of triyo electron JLF-TP-8YTSERIES are described as 1.
  1. purple: Short
    Joystick defeat the initial load 1
    Load when the joystick is defeated 1.5
  2. Blue: Chief
    Joystick lever Coupled Load 1.5
    Load when the joystick is defeated 1.5
  3. yellow: Jin
    Joystick defeat the first load double
    Double the load when the joystick is defeated
  4. Red: LongHardness
    Joystick defeat the initial load 2
    Load when the joystick is defeated 2

E-Ring JLF-E

E-Ring JLF-E comes with 5 separately, it is available when lost and metal fatigue is awful.

Sanguwa Electronics Detailed Description Image

There is a hole inside, so please check that.

How to install Custom Parts Set JL-C-ALL for JLF Lever to JLF-TP-8YT series

JLF-TP-8YT Series Johntik is provided.

Remove the shaft cover and dust washer.

I will work from the back.

Main guideGT-8FRemove

Remove the switch board TP-MA.

Elings Remove JLF-E.
If you remove the e-ring, it is good to refer to the following videos, and the dedicated tool is the best, but you can also remove it with a smaller minus screwdriver.

Remove the actuator JLF-P-5.

Remove the spring JLF-SP.

Attach the desired spring.

P. S. Pipe Actuate Equipment.

Install e-ring JLF-E

Attach the preferred guide.

Shaft cover, dust washer, lever ball installed and completed

Recommended custom template

Purple Spring + Blue Actuator + Purple Guide

Old style lever style.
It is a custom that reproduces the early 80's lever.
In the old days, there are only round guides, so it is a slightly hard setting.
I think that I would like to image SC-19, Aerocity, orange enclosure.

Purple Spring + Red Actuator + Clear Guide Quadter

Reproduction of four-way levers at the beginning of the 80's.
It is a setting that is unnecessary to use and obliquely input.

Blue Spring + Blue OR Red Actuator + Red Guide

2D Fighting Games General, especially STREET Fighter V settings.
Easy to understand the diagonal input, a blue spring that will speed up with a blue spring, a blue or red actuator, and it is a setting that makes it easy to fine-tune walking guards and lines.
Blue OR red actuator related to the input depth-should be selected as you like.

Blue Spring + Blue Actuator + Blue Guide

2D fighting game, especially the KOF series setting.
It is easy to understand whether the diagonal input of 2369 is being done from dashes etc.
623 Input and six pieces of scribbles will be understood because it will be understood.
Also, the downward direction is easy to turn down with the 2141236 or 2363214 command, and it is a setting that prevents the disconnection of jumping too much.
Blue actuator-is redActuator-FromThis is to make the diagonal loss with the 2141236 and 2363214 commands.
If you have confidence in the input accuracy, there is no problem with red actuators.

Red Spring + Black Actuator + Yellow Guide

It is a setting for 3D fighting games, Tekken and VF.
Red Spring to Return Neutral Fast, Neutral Widely Black Actual Eater-The Yellow Guide for Ultra-Ease of Diagonal Input, and a setting that is more likely to use a battop.

That's it more, thank you!
Change the setting according to the title you want and play.