Hello, I'm Yukimori, the manager of Akecon, and I'll be showing you
how to wire the Akecon Original Harness.
The products we will be using are as follows.

20-pin Joystick/Button Harness
4-Pin L3/R3/Touchpad Button Harness

Here is the product that is wired with the sample this time.

About wiring place


Yellow frameis the one with 20Pin, big black connector and many cables.
The green frame is 4Pin, which has a small white connector and less cables.
The small red frame is the part where you don't need to stick the cable.

It's hard to understand just by looking at the board, so here is the wiring.

You can see the cable coming out from the Small red frame You can see that there is no cable coming out from the part of the board.
Please be careful not to mistake the direction of the 20pin cable because it doesn't work correctly if you stick it in the opposite direction.
Connect the
4-Pin L3/R3/Touchpad ButtonHar
ness to the corresponding location.

Next, let's wire the buttons and levers.

About the wiring of buttons and levers

The main 20Pin cable is divided into 5 categories and tie-wrapped.

  1. 5Pin connector for joystick lever connection
  2. Home, Share, Option
  3. Punch System
  4. Kick system
  5. GND bead connection cable for punch and kick

We'll start with the first one here.
The Street Fighter series has the most buttons for the punch and kick systems, so I'll use that system for this explanation.

Wiring the joystick lever 5-pin connector

For the lever, just plug in the 5-pin cable and you're done.

The detailed explanation is as follows.

  1. Black is GND
  2. Green is right
  3. Yellow is left
  4. Orange is up
  5. Red is bottom

Basically, the 5-pin wiring of the lever is as shown above.

In the case of STICKLESS [All-Button] type

When using the STICKLESS [All-Button] type, connect the conversion harness for 5-pin All-Button like this.

The color of the wiring is as follows.

  1. Black is GND
  2. Green is right
  3. Yellow is left
  4. Orange is top
  5. Red is bottom

Wiring for Home, Share, Option buttons, etc.

  1. Black: GND, wired to all buttons
  2. White, Option button in PS
  3. Red, Share button on PS
  4. Gray, Home button in PS

This time, I wired PS on the left, Share in the middle, and Option on the right.

About the wiring around the punch

  1. Blue is weak punch
  2. Red is medium punch
  3. Brown is strong punch
  4. Purple is 3 simultaneous punches

About the wiring of the kick system

  1. Orange is weak kick
  2. Yellow: Medium Kick
  3. Green is Strong Kick
  4. Black is three kicks pressed simultaneously

Wiring of the GND Bead Connection Cable for Punches and Kicks

  1. Wire the various punches and kicks.

It is OK if you can wire to 8 buttons.

About the wiring of touch pad button, L3, R3

  1. Green is touch pad
  2. Purple is L3
  3. Blue is R3
  4. Black is GND bead cable

Right touch pad, middle L3, left R3 are wired in a special way, but you can choose the place as you like.

This is how the sample ZERO ONE FIGHTSTICK is wired.

ZERO TWO STICKLESS [All-Button] is wired like this.

How did you like it?
ZERO ONE FIGHTSTICK which we used this time is easy to make because it has enough space and a little bit big to put optional buttons on the top panel.
Please give it a try.

Thank you for reading!
Have a good Akecon life!