Terms and Conditions

1. Scope and change

  1. The Terms of Telecommunications Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "the Company") Operated by "Akecon" (hereinafter referred to as "this site") The purpose is to define the terms of use of).
  2.  The terms and conditions apply to the user and the user of this service (hereinafter referred to as "User") to all related to the use of this service.
  3.  Our company can change the Terms of Conditions at any time, if any of the following applies.
    · When changing these regulations is adapted to the general benefit of the user
    · If the change of the terms is reasonable for the purpose of the change, it is reasonable in light of the circumstances concerned
  4.  We will notify the user in advance by the method of changing the terms and the contents of these regulations and the effect occurrence date after changing these regulations .
  5.  If the user uses this service after the effect of the Changes after the change, the user agrees to the Terms of Change.
  6.  If all or part of the terms is changed, only the change of these services is applied to the user and our company, and the user and the Company follow these regulations only will do.

2. Membership registration

  1. Those who wish to register a member of this service shall apply for membership registration according to our prescribed procedures. Below, the person who applied for a member registration is called "member registration applicant".
  2.  If it is found that the member registration applicant has been removed in the past of the registration of membership registration by the Violation of the Terms of Together, or if the application content of the member registration applicant contains false matters or other membership registration If we are unsure to approve the application, if we are reasonably judged based on reasonable basis, you may not approve the application for the relevant member.
  3.  If the member registration applicant is a minor, a limited actual ability of adult guardians, etc., we shall apply for member registration with the consent of legal agents.
  4.  If there is a change in address, name, phone number or other registration items, we shall be delivered promptly by the method of specifying separately.

3. Stopping this service, canceling member registration

If the member corresponds to each issue as defined below, the Company can delete the member registration without prior notice.

    • If it turns out that it has received a removal of membership registration due to a violation of the Terms and so on in the past
    • If there is false in the member registration matter
    • Delay of payment for this service Delay or other debt failure
    • When performing the act that falls under the prohibition act of Article 17
    • If a member registration or this service is used without the legal representative of a minor, a minor and a continuous guardian
    • If it corresponds to antisocial forces
    • Other cases where violations of the main term

                We will blame our company about the loss, loss, cost and other disadvantages (hereinafter referred to as "damage, etc.") that occurred in members or third parties due to the cancellation of membership registration according to the preceding paragraph Unless otherwise noted due to the reason to be attributed, it does not bear damages, compensation, compensation and other responsibilities.

                4. Residence procedure

                Members can always apply for retdent by passing through the procedure specified by the Company. Members shall lose membership qualifications when we receive an application from a member.

                5. Managing ID and Passwords

                1. Members are responsible for their own responsibility, each ID (including the ID of the other service that works in conjunction with this service), e-mail address and password (hereinafter referred to as "login information") carefully management and It shall be stored.
                2.  Members shall not use or transfer, sell, succession, loan, disclose or leak their own login information.
                3.  If you find that its own login information is illegally used by a third party, it will immediately contact our company, and if you have our instructions, we will follow the instructions.
                4.  If the login information transmitted in connection with this site is identical to the login information registered in the Company when changing the login information after member registration or after member registration, the company sends from the member It is considered that there was.
                5.  Members have their own login information managing or storage, or unauthorized use, or unauthorized use of third parties, and their own membership or third party caused by a member or third party. We assume responsibility, and we do not take any responsibility for damages, compensation, compensation and otherwise unless otherwise returned to our blame.

                6. Order and purchase

                1. If the user wishes to purchase the product in this service, we shall apply in the manner specified by our company.
                2.  When the user inputs the required items on this site, the order button is clicked, and then the user reaches the user that the user has reached the user, the user and our company A sales contract for the product is satisfied.
                3.  If the user is a minor and a limited actual ability of adult guardians, we will earn a statement of legal agents and order the product.

                7. Payment

                The price of the product is the price of the product that is written on this site (including consumption tax) and the total amount of shipping costs when ordering. The shipping cost will be represented on this site at the time of ordering or the amount notified from the Company to the user before the sales contract is established between the user and the company.

                8. Transfer of ownership

                After the sales contract is established, when we hand over the product to the delivery company, the ownership and danger burden of the product will be relocated.

                9. Order Unertified Order Cancellation Contract

                If you determine that the product's order or sales contract will fall under any of the following reasons, we will not accept orders from the user or to cancel the sales contract.

                • If the user has made an act that falls to the other's prohibition act of Article 17, or if it has been revealed that these acts have been made in the past
                • In the case of credit card settlement, if payment approval has not been lowered from a credit card company, or if the credit card was unauthorized in the past, it is similar to unauthorized use from objective circumstances such as the usage status If the Company is reasonably judged if there is a point
                • If there is a situation that can be recognized that there is no payment capacity
                • If there is an inquiry from our company, if there is no contact by one week later
                • If the consultation does not hold about the change of shipping charges
                • If there is a false note or an input item at the time of ordering
                • If the product is out of stock
                • If the product is displayed in the product or other information
                • If a minor, a limited actual ability of a adult guardian, etc. is ordered without the agreement of legal agents
                • If there is a significant large amount of product orders
                • If the user falls under the antisocial forces etc. defined by Article 18
                • If you need to secure the security of our company, users and other third parties
                • If you can not deliver the product due to unknown, long-term absence, receipt and receipts
                • If an agreement is made separately between the user and the company

                10. Delivery procedure

                After the product sales contract is established, we will prepare for product shipping and deliver the product to the delivery company specified by the Company. When we can deliver the product to the user, we will contact the user to contact the user in the manner specified by the Company.

                11. Disclaimer on delivery

                1.  The period until the product arrival depends on the product. This site or later delivery period and arrival date to be notified are just a guide, and it does not promise arrival on the schedule. In addition, due to the delay in product or third party, the Company is responsible for damages, compensation, compensation and other otherwise, except for the case where the delivery company caused by the delivery company is due to the case that should be attributed to our blame. We do not owe.
                2.  After the Company has delivered the product to the delivery company, if the product is destroyed or broken due to the delivery company or the other third party's return or if it is impossible to cause the product, the product should be returned to our blame Do not take any responsibility for damages, compensation, compensation or otherwise unless otherwise.

                12. Damage due to cancellation of contract

                After the purchase agreement established in 6-2, if you cancel the sales contract due to the reasons to be attributed to the user's blame, the Company has product packaging, delivery preparation, delivery, and destruction of goods, etc. You may request the damage etc. (cancellation fee).

                13.Return / Exchange / Cancellation

                We accept returns / exchange and cancellation of goods only if any of the following items falls.

                • If there is an initial failure in the product
                • If products or numbers of products or numbers different from the order contents arrive

                14. Stop and interruption of this site and this service

                If the Company applies to any of the following items, it shall stop or suspend all or part of the service offering and providing this service without prior notice.

                • If a fire, earthquake, flood, lightning strike, heavy snow or other natural areas different occurs
                • War, undue, terrorism, riots, noisy, plague, strike or other social anxiety
                • If you could not receive the required service from the telephone company, shipping company or provider that we have contracted
                • Periodic maintenance and emergency maintenance of a computer system (hereinafter referred to as "system") for this service provision
                • If the system fails to operate the system due to defects in the system, unauthorized access from third parties, or infection of computer viruses
                • When requested based on a considerable basis from administrative agencies or judicial organizations
                • Other If the Company determines if the Company needs to be suspended or suspended if it is necessary to provide a complete or part of this service and some of the services, such as if there is an impossible reason from the viewpoint of operation and technology.

                15. Change of this service, add or abolish

                1.  We shall be able to change all or part of the contents of this service (hereinafter referred to as "change of this service") or abolition.
                2.  When making a change or abolition of the service that can be disadvantaged by the user, we post the content and change effect of changes in advance on this site and other ways to determine the other separately We will notify you of it.
                3.  If the user uses this service after the effect of changing this service, the user assessed to the change of this service.

                16. Disclaimer

                1. Our company guarantees any information and features, the accuracy, the accuracy, the accuracy, the accuracy, the accuracy, the accuracy, the purpose of the functionality, and the other rights, etc., etc., for users, based on this service and this service It does not matter.
                2.  If the Company uses individual notification obligations to the user, we will fulfill its duty by notifying the email address that the user registration or entered.
                3.  If the user gives a third party to a third party, such as a third party, the user is responsible for your own responsibility, except due to the fact that it should be attributed to our blame Solve this at and expenses and do not bother us at all.
                4.  When we do not change the password of the user, we will make identification by the Company designated method, and shall be disclaimed unless there is an erroneous error.
                5.  Users shall prepare a computer device necessary for use in its own responsibility and burden, mobile phones and other communication devices and internet connections, etc., and the cost of installation of these devices, The communication fee required for use and all other costs shall be paid by the user.
                6. Our company does not take any responsibility for the user or third party due to the use of the service, regarding the use of the service, regardless of the law claiming cause, regardless of the use of the service. You will.

                17. Prohibition act

                In addition to defining the other provisions of this Agreement, the user is a reason that the company falls reasonably judged based on the reason why the Company is a reasonable basis if any of the following items is used in the use of this service. Do not do it.

                • Our company or third party property right, honor, portrait right, privacy right, other rights or profit infringement
                • Action that causes anyone or third party to bother, disadvantage or damage
                • Act that transmits information including false information, information that contributes to public order and morals, and other people who discomfort
                • Criminal acts, acts against public order and morals, acts that violate other laws and regulations
                • Action of damaging the credit of our company or third party
                • An act of sending information including computer virus and other harmful programs to the system of this service or an act of spending an excessive load
                • Unauthorized access to the system of this service, reverse engineering and other analysis acts
                • Action that uses the ID and password of other users of this service or other users of this service
                • Act that identifies multiple membership registration
                • Action to cancel excessively order or trading contract or return product
                • Collection of information on other users of this service
                • Acts about politics and religion
                • Acts purchased or using this service for resale, resale, and other for the purpose of profit
                • Acts that may interfere with the operation of this service
                • An act that is an act that interferes with our business, such as an unfair claim over multiple times
                • Action that causes the company's credit to be damaged or missing other acts that the Company is inappropriately
                • Act to access this service or acquire information about this service by crawling (crawler, robot or spider), scraping and other similar means
                • This site, content published on this site (including sentences, images, logos, software, etc., but not limited to these)
                • Act that raises or facilitates the act of each item

                18. Elimination of antisocial forces

                Users will express, guarantee, or confiditate matters listed in the following items in the future.

                • Gangsters, gang members, people who have not spent five years from when they are no longer than those who are no longer than gangster, gangsters, gangster related companies, general meeting stores, etc. Below, it is generally called "anti-social power etc.". Not applicable to)
                • Through funding and others, it is not exchanged or involved with antisocial forces, such as maintaining, operating or related to antisocial forces, etc.
                • It does not have a relationship that it is recognized that it is unpopular to use antisocial forces, such as the purpose of making the purpose of self or third parties or the purpose of adding damage to third parties.
                • Do not perform unfair request acts beyond violent or legally responsible, and impairment of our credit and interrupts business

                19. Intellectual property rights

                All of the ownership and intellectual property rights pertaining to this site or other book service (including sentences, images, logos, software etc., but not limited to these), license to our company or I belong to those who are Users are prohibited to use these content without permission, modification, reprinting and other methods.


                The remaining terms of this term, or part of the Terms of Conditions or some of the terms of this Conditions are disabled or disabled by other laws and other laws and regulations. The remaining parts of the terms that are disabled shall continue to be fully effective.

                21. Generalization law, competent court

                This Agreement shall be interpreted based on the Japan Law, and if a lawsuit needs to be a lawsuit with respect to this Terms, the Tokyo District Court will be a dedicated agreement jurisdiction court of the first trial.

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