ZERO TWO FIGHTSTICK The following is an explanation of how to assemble


ZERO TWO FIGHTSTICK acrylic panels

Top panel x 2 pieces
Side Panel side panel x 4 panels
Bottom panel x 2pcs


  1. Left photo, 4 long nuts.
    The length changes depending on the size of the side panel.
  2. Second from the left, 4 plastic feet to install on the bottom of the case.
  3. Third from the left, M3 standard screws, 15mm length screws, spacers and washers.
    It is used to stop the joystick lever and PCB.
    Six screws, eight washers and two PCB spacers.
  4. The fourth from the left is the M4 standard screws, 15mm for the top panel , 20mm for the bottom, 2 of each type, for a total of 4 screws.

These are the parts that come with the case kit.

refer to the parts guide of each product page about other parts necessary for assembly.

About the assembly of ZERO TWO FIGHTSTICK main body

Prepare M3 standard countersunk screws, other washers, PCB spacer, Brook FightingBoard,
joystick lever and 5mm thick upper panel.

Remove the lever ball, shaft cover and dust washer from the joystick lever.

Place 4 countersunk screws in the screw holes for the joystick lever.

Temporarily fix the screws with masking tape to prevent them from falling out.

Turn it over and set the washer.

Set the joystick lever, sandwich the flat iron plate with washers, and fix it with nuts.
Install the lever so that the terminal of the lever becomes outside (the opposite direction of the button) for both Sanwa Denshi and Seimitsu Industry.

When fixed, the surface will look like this.

Set the countersunk screws
in the mounting holes for the PCB board. As with the lever installation, use masking tape to temporarily secure the screws to prevent them from falling out.

Place the joystick lever on the back side as you did when setting the lever.
Put the spacer for PCB into the screw.

Set Brook Fighting Board on the board.
Fasten with nuts.

When you fix the joystick lever and Brook Fighting Board, it will look like this.

The 3mm thick top panel and the M4 countersunk screws (the thicker one)

Prepare the short one of 15mm length.

Place the 3mm thick top panel on top of the 5mm thick panel to which you have just attached the lever.
After overlapping, install the countersunk screws of the shortest 15mm length in four places.
If you are installing artwork, insert it between the panels at this point before installing the screws.

Prepare the long nuts that are included, the one
we will be using in our sample will be the most versatile 45mm size.
(The length will vary depending on the side panel you choose.

Turn the panel to the reverse side and install 4 long nuts on the screws you just installed.

Put it back on the surface and set the normal size 30mm button.
This button is 3mm thick so there is no problem to insert it.

About wiring

For wiring, please refer to this article Wiring How to Wire the Akecon Original Harness". If you use Brook Fighting Cable, please refer to this article.

Prepare a 25cm USB2.0 A to B cable and a USB C to A mount jack for USB related wiring.
You will also need 6 x 24mm buttons for the optional buttons on the side panel.

USB C to A mount jack
Install 6 buttons of 24mm.
Since the thickness of the panel is 5mm, we recommend you to use screw type.
Please note that the buttons will not fit tightly if they are inserted.

Insert the side panel, and connect USB C to A mount jack and Brook Fighting Board with USB2.0 A to B cable 25cm.

Make sure there is no problem with the operation and wiring.
If there is no problem, I will install the bottom board 5mm on the back side.

Prepare 20mm countersunk screws and plastic feet for the case.

After inserting the 5mm thick panel, overlap the 3mm panel and screw the plastic feet in 4 places.
When attaching the artwork, sandwich it between the clear panels and then attach the plastic feet.

Put it back on the table and you're done, enjoy your ZERO TWO FIGHTSTICK!


It is very convenient as a base if you use Styrofoam bricks when assembling.
It is recommended to use styrofoam bricks as a base, because it provides a hole for the joystick lever and a proper height.
In Japan, you can buy it at 100 yen shops such as DAISO or home centers.