Artwork Template Notes.

First, please dl the template you want to use.
Because it is a zip file, unzip the zip and the PSD file is included.

PHOTOSHOP to open PSD file orPhotoPeaPlease use it.
Opening a PSD is as follows.

The red frame is the overprinted part.
It is a line that is cut with a black line.

You must fill in the image to the red line to print and cut.
If it is a black line snug, please be sure to fill it until the red line will be found because it will be out because it will be a slight deviation when cut or printing.

The following example is Bad examples

The upper and lower are filled up to OVEPRINT
The left and right is not filled, which may cause margins to be born.

The following is the following.

All overprint layers are filled up to red lines.

If uploaded by PSD, save and upload it in this state.

In the case of non-PSD

※ Basically, PSD is recommended.
Basically the same as the above contents
When saving, turn off the following layers.
OVEPRINT, GUIDE (if any), Layout, remove these and turn off the border and save.
The preservation example is as follows.

It will be over.
Basically, please upload as much as possible in PSD format that can be easily checked at this time.